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You can always tell a murderer by his fancy prose.

A sport for potential criminals.

Solitude is a hard won ally.
13 June
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The unconscious is a very important side to modern art and I think the unconscious drives do mean a lot in looking at paintings… I think it should be enjoyed as music is enjoyed – after a while you may like it or you may not. But- it doesn’t seem to be too serious.
-----Jackson Pollock

What we have at these shows, and with these records- this is our battlefield, this is where we’ll have access to all the things people in the 60’s had, we have to do it all ourselves which means we have to get happening, we have to get with it.

-----Guy Piccotto

The world had collapsed inward, all those vivid textures and connections buried in mounds of ordinary stuff. I was disappointed. Hurt and disappointed.
-----Don Delillo, White Noise

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